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A2Z is ​​always a leading sales team focused on providing health care, high-quality products at reasonable prices and ensuring employee safety and satisfaction.



A2Z is ​​dedicated to delivering premium physical products and advanced merchandising services, ensuring healthcare and efficiency, ensuring continuous transparency at all levels.



Completion of Transparency / Reliability / Security / Innovation Quality Enterprise.

Details about this service

Welcome to A2Z,

With COID-19, you can stay safe from the occasional clutter and save time and money by searching for basic items you need for your children's education, future, family happiness and health. Solution - Thank you for transporting the goods safely and securely to the entire line.



Order Details

  • Free transportation to your home within the first 10km (10km)
  • We are committed to delivering our orders in the same hour, in a safe and secure manner, within 2 hours.
  • Please be notified within the first hour: 1/2 (30 minutes), if any orders are in order.
  • Please refund after receiving $ items.
  • (Use online, bank transfer, etc to reduce money flow)
  • Order value is always Rs: 2000 / = thanks to the easy bid.
  • Special discounts and discounts for customers who use $ A1Z karate cards (Credit Cards: Kasik, Silva, Galt)

Contact No:

  • 076 105 0550
  • 077 054 0550
  • 077 056 0550

Web Address: https://www.a2zsales.lk